Compact Discs For Sale

Yes, we are old school in the sense that we have not given up on CDs; we still appreciate hard copy backups for all our mp3s and digital downloads on hard drives, just in case they crash, and for our vehicles and homes that have CD players, and also like the song lyrics and artwork by the artists.

Currently, we have two sites upon which we put our harder-to-find compact discs up for sale on eBay. However, the vast majority of our compact discs are available in store only. We have hundreds of CDs available for only $1 each. Beyond that, we have racks filled with more popular titles ranging in price from $1.95 to $7.95.


Selling your used music compact discs to R-Galaxy:

R-Galaxy is currently buying large quantities of music CDs, especially rock, alternative, jazz, blues, world music and country. R-Galaxy pays between 25 cents to $2.00 for used music CDs. We buy at any time during store hours without appointment, but call ahead if possible to insure an R-Galaxy buyer is on site. We buy whole collections or just a few CDs, whatever suits your needs. R-Galaxy buys CDs that have been well-maintained and still have some demand from the public. All CDs must have at least the front jacket as well.