R-GALAXY SELLS COMIC BOOKS of all kinds, from Marvel and DC to the small, independent publishers, underground, and even local Tucson comic book creators.

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R-GALAXY BUYS COMIC BOOKS and personal collections in large quantities, and occasionally we will find ourselves with overstock of one comic book or another than we have room to warehouse. This page is dedicated to overstock special pricing, and includes items form the current year and oftentimes overstock from years ago. If you want to SELL TO R-GALAXY, we are always buying.


Here are some BULK LOTS on eBay that are currently being priced for clearance, and down below you will find listings for the R-Galaxy Website EXCLUSIVE BULK LOT and CLEARANCE SPECIALS. All of the books on this page are priced far below their actual “Overstreet Guide Value,” and usually represent a savings of 60% to 90% off. When we say clearance, we mean it. Enjoy shopping these R-Galaxy overstock specials!