R-Galaxy is dedicated to fan favorites and unusual yet high quality films that you might see at international film festivals. We also carry U.S. films if there is a strong following for them. We locate the best of the best and bring these films in as inexpensive rentals to R-Galaxy. Some of the broad genres we offer include:

  • Anime (Japanese Animation) of all genres
  • Fan favorites and Cult film classics
  • Foreign films of distinction

You just have to know if we have the movies you want for rental, right? Well, check out our Rental List Page for complete listings of our rental inventory, and which also has links to movie news, online film magazines and the major film studios.

Special Orders for Movies

R-Galaxy requires that you leave a deposit for the full retail price of the DVD in the form of cash or credit card (only money orders if you are ordering from outside the Tucson area.) We will also need your name and current phone number (and address outside Tucson) to contact you when your DVD arrives.

Opening a rental rental account

Membership is free. Video membership can only be opened by an adult of 18 years or older.

Video membership can only be opened if you have:
(1) a current Arizona driver’s license or military I.D. card, and
(2) a current VISA or MasterCard credit card. [Debit cards will not work to open an account, but you can pay for your rentals and purchases with debit cards.]
You will be asked to read R-Galaxy rental policies and sign a rental contract. Upon opening a rental account, you may add a family member or friend, for whom you will be solely responsible.

DVD Rental Policies (subject to change)
New arrivals are $2.99 each, and due back by closing the next evening.
All other rentals are two for $1.99, and due back by closing the next evening.
Rentals must be returned at the counter to an employee between 11 a.m. and closing the next day (normal store hours.)
Un-rewound rentals will incur a 50 cent charge per rental.
Extra-day fees are $1.99 per late day for the first six late days.
Extra-day fees are due immediately upon return of late rentals. Unpaid late fees or unpaid VHS rewind fees will be subject to an additional $1.00 per rental item plus accrued tax.
Do not keep the rentals more than seven (7) days or they will be considered stolen, and you will be charged for the full retail price of the rental, and all late fees, and an additional $100 penalty per rental.