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Of course, many comics are still created for the kid in us, and many comics cater to the heroic stories we love to see. But the secret that no one may have told you yet is that there exists a whole world of fascinating, independently-created comic books by some of the most talented writers, graphic artists, and creators in the world

Whatever your particular tastes are– humourous, fantastic, heroic or realistic– R-Galaxy’s staff can help guide you to find  comic books that may surprise and delight you, as well as suit your particular, individual taste. Click here to see our Links to Comic Book Creators page.

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High Quality Back Issues
We have access to a full spectrum of new comics, and we also carry an extensive catalog of over 150,000 back issue comics, spanning from the 1940s to current. Click here to see our High Quality Back Issues page, and our Bulk comic book specials.

Free Comic Book Subscription Service

If you read comics, there are bound to have been times when you have missed getting a particular new comic book because it was sold out. Our free subscription service is available so that each month you will be able to count on getting the continuing-series comic books that make collecting comics so enjoyable. If you live in the Tucson area, simply stop in the store and set up your free subscription.

Comic book subscriptions are initially offered as a free service of R-Galaxy. The service is conducted on an honor basis, with the subscriber (you) promising to:

(1) Come into R-Galaxy once each month to pay for your comics held by subscription. Picking up your books once a month is your responsibility. R-Galaxy will not notify you when your comic books arrive, so it is very important that you come into the store once a month. R-Galaxy will hold your comic subscription until you are late 10 days since your last purchase. At that time, if arrangements are not made to immediately pick up your entire subscription, the subscription will be cancelled. R-Galaxy will re-instate a subscription by non-refundable cash deposit only, in an amount to be determined by R-Galaxy.

(2) Notify R-Galaxy at least two months in advance of any changes to your subscription, including canceling a comic book that you do not want anymore, or canceling your whole subscription. Adding a comic book to your subscription will almost always allow you to receive the next issue, unless there are not enough copies of that comic book on order. In that case, we will still try to get your new comic book subscription started as soon as possible.

If you live outside the Tucson area and there are no local comic shops that provide this service, you can contact us and make arrangements for setting up a subscription by mail. Subscriptions by mail will require that you send us a deposit based on the size of your subscription in the form of a money order and that you pay for all shipping charges and insurance for each month’s delivery.

Single Item orders

Single item orders (any item listed in Previews sold individually) are orderable as long as you supply us with the Diamond Previews month, page number, and the item’s exact title. We can then guarantee that you will get it, provided that the item is not cancelled or allocated by the vendor. All orders $8 and over require a full deposit down at the time of placing the order.

Comic Book Requests and Searches

Are you having a hard time finding a particular back issue comic? We will put your requests into our database and keep an eye out for them as collections are sold to us, and single comics are traded in to us. When we find that comic, we will be glad to contact you. When you e-mail us your requests, send only your top ten requests. We ask for just your top ten because of the time that is required entering the data.

Rare variants are always priced above the normal cover price, and will be priced based on demand.

Comic Book Release Dates

Among the website features are links to Diamond Comic Distributors and Shipping This Week lists. Diamond Comics is the single largest comic distributor in the world. R-Galaxy, Inc. uses their services to provide our customers with the best new comics every week, which almost always are ready for purchase by 3 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, except when major holidays may move the shipping day to Thursday.

Remember that it is not necessary to know when your favorite comic book is coming out if you have an R-Galaxy subscription to the comic book, because we will set aside the comic book for you, which is another free service that we offer.