No appointment is necessary for R-Galaxy buyers to look at your collections, but it does help to call ahead to (520) 322-0422 to discuss your collection so that we may help to let you know what to bring in. Otherwise, you may just show up anytime during store hours, with the exception of right before closing as we would not have time to inspect your collection the same day at that point.

We are generally looking for items that are still hot and in demand, and quality pieces that are harder-to-find. If you have a collection, or if you have a hodgepodge of various non-related items, bring it all into the store and we will evaluate it, and make you a cash offer for either the whole collection, or just the pieces that we want. The choice is yours, and you can choose between cash or trade credit, or a combination of both.

If you live outside the Tucson area, feel free to contact us with a description of your collection, but please do not send any attachments; instead, confine the description and any lists to the e-mail itself.


We buy and/or trade for these types of collectibles:

Action Figures and Toys,
Anime collectibles,
Comic Books,
Collectible Card Games (mostly rare cards),
DVDs (with original boxes)
Manga and Japanese comics,
Metaphysics and UFO books,
Miscellaneous collectibles (contact us first),
Music CDs
(with original cases/inserts),
Non-sport trading cards
including specials and full sets,
Sports cards (pre-1986),
Rare VHS (with original boxes),
Video Games including
Playstation 4, 3 and 2, Nintendo Switch and X-Box.
(with original boxes and instructions)


Selling your Comic Books:

We are always buying and trading on comic books, but mostly looking for key issues and large bulk collections, especially vintage comics. On larger collections, there is often a good deal of time involved while the R-Galaxy buyers go through and sort out what the store needs, so be prepared to wait as the buyer evaluates your collection. After the evaluation is complete, we will offer cash or trade for the items that we have selected.


Individual Appraisals of your Comic Books:

Individual comic book appraisals can be made by senior R-Galaxy comic book graders, and the fee is $7.50 per book. The evaluation process can take five to ten minutes per book. We only recommend that you ask for appraisals if you are not interested in selling the comic book to R-Galaxy and simply want to get a professional opinion of the book’s graded condition and current full market Overstreet price guide value.


Selling your new and used Action Figures and Toys:

As a rule, loose toys out of their originally packaging are worth a large percentage less than new and in the original packaging. We are looking for all varieties of action gigures, and many types of toys, especially pop culture and cartoon, comic book and anime-related toys and action figures. We specialize in Star Wars, Japanese anime-related series, Transformers, Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, Robotech and many 70s, 80s and 90s vintage toys, plue the best of the modern Marvel, DC, McFarlane, and other brand new action figure releases.


Selling your used, high quality Video Games:

When you finish a game, or just get tired of it, remember it still has value to R-Galaxy because we sell used, guaranteed-to-work video games. You can also trade in your used games against new, sealed games. The newest games in the best condition can get up to $15 each. At present, we are buying Playstation, Sega, Nintendo, and X-Box.


Selling your Collectible Card Games, especially Magic The Gathering

We buy, sell, and trade using the average low price on Whole collections are subject to negotiation, and will not be offered full book value. Cards may only be traded against other cards of the same game. The highest value card that you may trade for is equal to the highest value card that you trade, in descending order.


Selling your used DVDs and Blu-Ray, and out-of-print VHS:

Contact us by e-mail ( or phone (520-322-0422) and provide us with a list of all your videos that you wish to sell that are in excellent condition. Generally, we offer between fifty cents to $2 for most DVDs and Blu-Ray. We may offer more money for much harder-to-find movies (even VHS), highly in-demand movies, and very recent releases.


Selling your used music compact discs:

R-Galaxy is currently buying large quantities of music CDs, especially rock, alternative, jazz, blues, world music and country. R-Galaxy pays between 25 cents to $2.00 for used music CDs. We buy at any time during store hours without appointment, but call ahead if possible to insure an R-Galaxy buyer is on site. We buy whole collections or just a few CDs, whatever suits your needs. R-Galaxy buys CDs that have been well-maintained and still have some demand from the public. All CDs must have at least the front jacket as well.