Shipping & Returns

Shopping, Choice of Shipping, Secure Payments, and Returns

After you Sign Up and on later visits Log In , you will be able to utilize the R-Galaxy.Com Shopping Cart, and gather together the products that you wish to purchase. Once you have chosen all the products that you are going to pay for this visit to, you will choose to "Check Out" and make your payment to

Choice of Shipping
During the "Check Out" process, you will encounter a choice of shipping options, all delivered through the United States Postal Service (USPS). Consider which method, speed of delivery, and price best suits your needs, then select the best shipping method for you, and R-Galaxy.Com will carefully pack your products and cushion them so that you may expect them to arrive safely intact to your address.

If you live in the Tucson area, you will also have the option of picking up your purchase at R-Galaxy's store at 2420 N. Campbell Avenue, and eliminate all shipping fees.

Secure Payment
All payments are processed through Paypal, which has special security connections and measures for protecting your credit card and banking account information. does NOT come in contact with, view, gather, store, or process any of your credit card and banking account information, but instead pays fees to Paypal, and allows their secure system to process all electronic payment transactions for, so that you know that you can shop safely with

You can choose either to (1) register with Paypal, or (2) choose not to register with Paypal, and instead follow the simple "Check Out" steps in Paypal to make a one-time, secure payment for your R-Galaxy purchase if you don't want to be a regular Paypal registered user.

Simply follow the steps through the "Check Out" system knowing that all your credit card and banking account information is processed safely and securely through Paypal.

Returns and R-Galaxy Guarantee
If you are not fully satisfied, you have 10 days from receipt of items (delivery confirmation date) to return items at your cost in the same condition in which they were received. You are responsible for all costs associated with the return shipping.

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