Buying cards from R-Galaxy

You may purchase from our two online venues or in store, where we have a much greater selection of cards available. many of our best and premium cards are online, but there are thousands of more, many of which are even more desirable, that we have in store but have yet to post online, so please visit R-Galaxy for the complete selection.

R-Galaxy's Bidwicket store

   Magic The Gathering on Bidwicket

R-Galaxy's EBay Store

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Collectible Card Games (CCGs): Packs, Boxes and Singles

The hottest cards continue to be collectible card games, especially the grandfather of CCGs, Magic: The Gathering.
At R-Galaxy, we specialize in single rare cards, but of course we have uncommons and commons as well. Some of the card games we continue to carry singles for include: MAGIC: THE GATHERING, Yu-Gi-Oh, Legend of the Five Rings, Dragonball Z, Star Wars (Decipher), Star Trek, and Pokemon.

You may purchase from our two online venues or in store, where we have a much greater selection of cards available:

Magic The Gathering singles on eBay

Magic The Gathering on Bidwicket  (featuring our largest online selection including many cards 20 cents to $1.99)

Other collectible card games on eBay


Sports Cards: Singles and Boxes

R-Galaxy has an enormous vault of sports cards, including baseball, football, basketball and hockey. Our showcase features modern and vintage sports cards of most of your favorite athletes. Boxes of new sports cards are available for purchase as well. (see: Full Boxes and Pre-Orders)

Baseball Cards on eBay

Basketball Cards on eBay

Football Cards on eBay


Collector's Trading Cards: Packs, Full Sets and Chase cards

While many stores no longer carry trading cards, R-Galaxy continues to offer its customers a huge variety to choose from including vintage cards like: Marvel and DC superhero cards, Wacky Packs and movie and TV series trading cards; Artist colections; and a variety of anime, horror, science fiction, fantasy, adult, and collector's cards of all varities.

Along with full sets, we also offer the rare and hard-to-find "chase" cards and "sub-set" cards that are so elusive.

Autographed cards on eBay

Full Sets on eBay

Inserts/Chase cards on eBay

Unopened boxes on eBay

Unopened packs on eBay

And remember that these online selections are just a fraction of what we carry in the store at 2406 N. Campbell in Tucson, Arizona.

Selling and Trading Cards to R-Galaxy

One of our R-Galaxy buyers will go through your cards and make offers only on the cards needed by the store. Whole collections are subject to negotiation and considered a bulk purchase, and will not be offered full book value.

Cards may only be traded against other cards of the same game. The highest value card that you may trade for is equal to the highest value card that you trade, in descending order.


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