Anime is our passion at R-Galaxy. We attempt to carry virtually every anime program officially released in the U.S., and carry whole series in their entirety, not just a few scattered volumes here and there like most video rental stores. We take pride in offering complete storylines and series, because we are fans too!  See our page on Anime Rentals and Movie Rentals for more details.

Plus, we carry lots of anime merchandise, so check out the categories below of imported Japanese products we carry including toys,action figures, DVDs, video games, wall scrolls, posters, art books, accessories and more.

Here is a sample of items that we carry on our anime eBay store.

Our entire staff watches and loves animation of all kinds. When you visit our rental room of over 13,000 titles, more than 8,000 of these are anime series and movies for rental. When you are in the store, if you need any recommendations or assistance in finding a title or series that suits your individual tastes, please ask us.

We hope that those of you in southern Arizona who have a passion for anime visit our rental room. We also have a selection of new and used anime DVDs for sale, and make regular special orders of anime DVDs for our customers. As well, our store features one of the best offerings of anime merchandise in the nation, or so we are told by our customers who visit Tucson from all over the country (and the world!)


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