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To maximize your savings, please view the Table of Discount Coupons to find thie most applicable coupon.

Also, take note of any restrictions or minimums, because it may slow up your purchase if you fail to follow a coupon's restrictions or minimums. Unless otherwise stated, coupons can not be utilized in combination with other coupons on the same items.


Code 001-- Newly-registered Shopper Coupon for $5.00 off purchase
Code 002-- Buy any 3 Manga, and get the least expensive at 50% off
Code 003-- Buy 2 or more Rare Comic Books, and Receive 25% off
Code 004-- Buy 4 Toys (anime and/or non-anime), Get Free Shipping
Code 005-- The "I Never Pay Full Retail" Coupon for 5% off
Code 2007-- The 2007 End-Of-Year On-Line 50% OFF Sale

For more information, simply TYPE IN THE CODE NUMBER BELOW for any of the Discount Coupons.
To utilize the coupons, type in the Code Number as you are completing your shopping cart checkout process.

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